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দেশ সেরা ডিজিটাল মার্কেটিং এজেন্সি

আপনার বিজনেসের ১০ টাইমস গ্রোথ হোক আমাদের হাত ধরে।




» Payment is to be made as per agreed payment cycle within the 5
working days from the submission of the Invoice on a monthly basis.
» Payment schedule are to be strictly maintained for the continuation of
the Services.
» All costs are excluding VAT and TAX.
» All payment must be made through A/C pay cheque(s) only.
» Social Media Marketing, Contact Centre Services, SEO and Google Ads
Costs and outcomes may vary.
» This cost proposal will be valid for next 30 Days from the starting days
of work.
» RAHETID R A Specialized Hospital has to provide all required materials.
» Additional charges will incur if any of the necessary materials are to be
created, provided and/or arranged by IVL.
» According to Facebook, SEO and Google Ads policies, reaches and
impressions are totally depends on Market and Competitors
» Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google reserve all rights. IVL is not
responsible for any disruption in service.
» IVL will charge at actual of the total expense considering exchange rate
$1 = BDT110.